The History of CMO

The Original CMO History and Discovery
First came a carpenter..and then a little mouse

Step 1- Discovery of CMO

Dr SandsHarry W. Diehl lived next door to a carpenter who suffered miserably from arthritis. Then he was given the task of creating arthritis in Swiss Albino mice to test a new drug, while a researcher at the National Institute of Health. But he couldn't! He injected those little guys with a chemical product called Freud's Adjunct which reliably causes severe joint inflammation in lab animals. But not in these guys.

And the riddle nagged at him until he set up a lab on his own to find out what prevented them from having raging joint inflammation. And that is when he discovered they had in their bone marrow a waxy substance that he called cetylmyristoleate. He took this waxy substance and injected it into lab rats that did get the joint inflammation from the Freud's adjunct, and it helped to diminish their joint inflammation.Dr. Sands

Mr. Diehl was too late to help his neighbor, but when he develop arthritis himself, he decided to try injecting the cetylmyristoleate (CMO) into his own joints. The results were so significant that he published his original results with the Swiss Albino mice and the lab rats in the March 1994, The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. . In the report he expressed his hope that other studies would be conducted, "particularly, more extensive tests of cetylmyristoleate analogues".

Step 2 - Making CMO available in capsule form

In late 1994 the San Diego Clinic research staff did exactly what the researcher had hoped for. They developed an orally administered dietary supplement. The dietary supplement is an analogue with the name CMO. The San Diego Clinic did the first clinical study on CMO and its director, Dr. Len Sands, was the first person to take CMO.

In December 1995, CMO was introduced in Nevada to the medical community at the National Medical Conference on Aging. CMO became a star of the conference, resulting ultimately in hundreds of doctors prescribing CMO for their patients. In February 1996, CMO became available to the public as an over-the-counter dietary supplement.

Dr. Sands began recommending taking digestive enzymes with the CMO to increase absorption.

Step 3 -Natural Products Center combines digestive enzymes and selenium with Original CMO.

Original CMO was and is an incredible product. But our standards are to help as many people as possible. Original CMO is a fatty acid ester made from a wax. Some people couldn't efficiently absorb the CMO ,so we offered and recommended taking an inexpensive digestive enzyme that wouldn't destroy the CMO before it got to the small intestine. Getting people to take the CMO with digestive enzymes was not easy. First, it had to be the right enzymes. Then, people were taking 3 of this and 2 of that, and many did not bother to read the instructions on how to get the best results. We believed they needed to get a high quality CMO together with the right enzymes and selenium. Then an incredible opportunity came along where we could add the digestive enzymes recommended by Dr. Sands group and selenium right in the CMO! So we did.....

Here it is, much less expensive than the first CMO that was introduced at $295.00 a bottle. Original CMO is better than ever. So what are you waiting for? Order now. Call 1 (440) 808-9000 for more information.

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