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FAQ's - Original CMO

arthritis pain freeWhat makes Vestalcare Original CMO different from all other CMO's?

This is the first high quality Original CMO product that contains 385 mg. of actual Original CMO, blended with 3 digestive enzymes and selenium in each capsule. That is what makes Vestalcare Original CMO a potential $20 billion dollar product and why we have invested so heavily in it. Original CMO with 3 digestive enzymes and selenium is a truly important discovery and it may well influence joint health worldwide, using only dietary supplements.

Why are the enzymes so important?

Cetylmyristoleate is a fatty acid ester. In its' raw state, the body cannot absorb it. After working with cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate at his San Diego Immunology Clinic, Dr. Len Sands determined that taking specific enzymes aid the absorption. With Vestalcare Original CMO, the exact, specific digestive enzymes and selenium have been determined and included right in the formulation. Order Now  

What is Selenium and why is it needed?

Selenium is a trace mineral with a direct link between the auto immune system, thyroid system, and health. For more information about Selenium's relationship to arthritis, heart disease, cancer and HIV please visit the National Institute of Health.

When doesn't it work and what can I do about it?

cmo arthritis pain freeIf you have a history of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, taking immune suppressing drugs or extensive alcohol or tobacco use you may want to consider taking the herb, milk thistle (Silymarin) for 3 to four weeks before starting Vestalcare Original CMO. Milk thistle is a well recommended liver cleanse product. Suggested use: follow the directions on the product bottle. Call 1-440-808-9000 for more information.

Can I take my prescription medications?

Understanding that Vestalcare Original CMO is not a drug will help put your mind at ease. It is a fatty acid ester made from the bone marrow of USDA cattle. People think that it is serious drug. But it is not a drug! So it has no impact or interactions with drugs. You wouldn't ask if you could eat a pepperoni pizza while on heart medicine, or while taking high blood pressure pills.

I felt great after just 4 days, should I stop taking the Original CMO?

NO! Please take the entire course as directed.

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