Original CMO Supplement (cetyl myristoleate)


Vestalcare Original CMO Supplement

Satisfied customers around the world are raving about the benefits of this revolutionary dietary supplement with magnesium chelate and selenium. We are the exclusive distributors of Vestalcare Original CMO with the three digestive enzymes and selenium. Vestalcare Original CMO supplement (cerasomal-cis-9 cetyl myristoleate) is a beef tallow extract.

We combined Amylase, Protease, and Lipase to aid absorption in the small intestines. These are the three digestive enzymes recommended. Some enzymes, when purchased separately, or supplied separately, contain enzymes which may break down the Original CMO before it reaches the gut. This formulation has been used exclusively by the Natural Products Center for years with wonderful results!

What is Selenium and why is it needed? Selenium is a trace mineral with a direct link between the auto immune system, thyroid system, and health. For more information about Selenium's relationship to arthritis, heart disease, cancer and HIV please visit the National Institute of Health.

Vestalcare Original CMO

CMO 60 capsules, 385mg each


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